Monday, February 1, 2010

What If I Hit The Lotto Jackpot?

You just turned on the TV, listening to the news and there it is on the headlines.... the lotto jackpot just reached over 100 million pesos! Wow, that's a lot of money! And then there you are glued on the TV just like in a trance, so many things running through your mind thinking of the possibilities.... imagining... dreaming.... what if I win that lotto jackpot?! What would I do with the money? You then start thinking of it as the answer to all your problems.
With that money I can do a lot of things, buy my dream house with a luxurious bath tub and if possibly..... my own infinity pool! Additional capital to expand my business, drive my most coveted car, travel with my family within the Philippines, then Asia...and next the world! I can finally secure my son's future and our retirement as well. Donate to charities, pay all my debts (up to the last centavo!), buy all the things that I want without bothering with the price tags! Shopping galore!
Then oops! Back to reality. It's the evening news again and on the headlines..... somebody won the P100million jackpot!!! Your heart starts to pound, your hands are sweating, your eyes pinned on the TV in anticipation....Just then you remembered you haven't bought the lotto ticket! Better luck next time then....Bye-bye to your dreams....for now....for now....

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