Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Two Men In My Life

I am talking about the two men in my life and probably..... the only men in my life who has made such an impact on me that changed my life forever.... Many people come into our lives. Some of them will just pass by, some will leave a mark and some won't. There are also some we hoped they didn't but these "two men" I'm talking about not only passed by but has taken permanent residence into mine. I'm glad they did.

The first man in my life, his name is Richard , the loving husband who humors me, adores me, laughs with me and loves me to the core. We argue on just about everything especially on who our son takes after and politics...especially on politics. It's a sweet, teasing kind of arguing and he gives in in the end.... eventually. He's not the super romantic knight in shining armor type of guy but he manages to show off his romantic streak in his own unique way every chance he gets. We also have our highs and lows but we go through it together. Of course he's not perfect. He has his own flaws too but I'm not perfect either so we're just perfect for each other.

The second man in my life is my angel... my precious little boy, Fredric Dirk.  The cute, handsome, adorable, smart, mischievous little rascal who is my life, my everything. I just thank God every minute of every day for giving him to us. He is such a blessing to our family because he brings us so much joy. Just a kiss, a smile, a hug from him would take all the weariness and fears away. He makes it all worth it. My heart just swells with pride every time I look at him. Being his mother is the greatest gift in the world. My love for him is transcendent, unconditional and I would lay my life for him without batting an eyelash.

This is our family, me and my two loves... the men in my life, my inspiration, my strength. They just .... complete me.

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